Virtua Fighter 5 Review – A More Realistic Fighting Game

Virtua Fighter 5 is yet another video game based in the fighting genre, but this game is different from Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. The game is available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In terms of the storyline, the game is about the Fifth World Fighting Tournament.

There is something about a perverse organization known as J6 and their malicious intentions. A woman named Vanessa is taken hostage by J6. Vanessa is rescued by someone, and J6 intends to find out who set her free. As a result, the Fifth World Fighting Tournament ensues. I must admit the plot in the game is convoluted.

Fighting games have a propensity to bypass the storyline, and this game is no exception to that rule. Virtua Fighter is the premier fighting franchise that is currently on the market. The game has so much more depth that games such as Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter just do not seem to offer. With that said, Virtua Fighter 5 is not any ordinary fighting game.

The gameplay has a comprehensive designed fighting system that works well. I thought this game has the most superlative fighting schemes ever assembled. The gameplay makes the fighting seem challenging but not to the point where it is cumbersome. Virtua Fighter 5 has a fighting mechanic that does require some time to master; furthermore, gamers are not going to learn everything in one day.

There is an arcade mode that can be easily completed in a short amount of time; however, the arcade mode is not the true bulk of the game. A grand total of 17 playable characters are available in the game, and they all have various fighting techniques. All of the fighter have their own personal distinct attacks that they can perform. The combination maneuvers do need some time to fully digest, but it is time that is well spent.

Virtua Fighter 5 has the usual mundane aspects that is prevalent in countles แทงบอลออนไลน์ s other games in the same genre. For example, there are succinct moves that are lighting quick and lengthy moves that are powerful. Moreover, a bevy of these actions entail consummate timing. Fortunately, there are counterattacks in combat that alter the momentum of a fight. All of the characters in the game have their pros and cons, so no one fighter is dominate over the other fighter. The game does an exemplary job of keeping things fresh by having balance to the gameplay.

Quest mode is where a great deal of the gameplay will transpire. The quest mode itself pits you against other fighters, and your fighter progresses with each victory. After you win a fight, you earn money that you can spend on numerous accessories and outfits. A gripe I had with the game was where the fights occur. The environments themselves look incredible, but the environments lack the versatility when compared to a game like Dead or Alive 4.