Top 5 Things to Know For Budding Football Agents

As the saying goes, football is a funny old game and the almost constant flurry of hearsay and speculation over transfers, transfer fees, player wages, who might be playing for who after the World Cup can be a lot to keep up with – and that’s just for the fairweather supporter.

For a football agent, keeping abreast of the wealth of info that comes out of clubs and players is essential to ensure that they can place their clients in exactly the place they need to be to pull the best offers from the best clubs.

But where do football agents come from? These characters in the background that are often quoted in newspaper articles seem to be ubiquitous and yet never seen. The stories of cutthroat agents hustling for large fees does little to counter the somewhat suspect image that the football agent industry has.

While all this may hold true, one point to consider is that all agents legally eligible to act as official contacts for their clients need to be licensed by the FA and that without such a license, no person can approach clubs on behalf of clients or take introductory contact from clubs on behalf of any player.

Obtaining a license is a highly regulated procedure so for all the budding football agents out there, here are some top ideas for obtaining an FA football agents’ license.

1 – Know all there is to know
This is vital. All the best agents will be walking football encyclopedias and know the names, clubs, health status, and performance statistics of most players in their League.

2 – Know the FA
It’s also critical to stay up to date with the constantly changing rules put in place by the FA so that you know what an agent can and can’t so. The FA website is a great guide. All the most up to date copies of their rules and regulations can be downloaded from there. Go through said documents with a careful eye and commit them to memory.

3 – Be British and don’t have a criminal record
OK, I jest…vaguely. The FA will require you to supply proof of แทงบอลออนไลน์ residence so do make sure you’re legally eligible to be living in the UK. A criminal record check will also be necessary so if you have a past littered with misdemeanours, it’s worth considering being up front about it.

4 – Learn about the Player Agents’ Exam
As part of the licensing process, all applicants need to take an examination comprising of 20 multiple choice questions. This is the crux of the licensing process so it’s of the utmost importance that you revise for the exam and what may be included in it. The best advice would be to get a third party to coach you on the player agent’s exam.