How To Host an Office Christmas Party This Year

In all probability you are still debating whether to host a Christmas Party at work this year, or not? If you are still withering in this phase, then you are definitely working on a very tight budget. Most organizations have minimized external party bookings at let’s say a jazzy neighborhood restaurant or at the local art gallery due to the bleak economic scenario. That being the reality check; don’t give up on your Christmas party hopes just yet! Look at an economical alternative instead. Move your Christmas party into your office. Here are a few tips on curbing the budget; yet not compromising on the fun elements of the Christmas party.

The key to a successful office party is to get all your colleagues and the management on board. That’s the secret to an awesome Christmas party where everyone wants to be actively involved.

So how can you get the idea going?

It’s quite simple. Create the hype and buzz about the party. You should certainly remember to start the process at least two weeks in advance. Invest in a free, Cloud-based event management software, that is easily downloadable from the internet. Get the excitement going with a series of emails; the event management solution has an inbuilt application to design attractive email templates. Design the invite and send it to your office colleagues. Additionally, run an internal contest to get everyone involved in the Christmas spirit. Get your colleagues to submit quirky Christmas ideas, recipes for the party. Select the best ones and circulate it in the form of a newsletter.

Next on the “to-do list” is the menu. If you are on a tight budget, instead of organizing a full-fledged lunch or dinner, select a number of filling appetizers. Send out a list in advance and have a vote. Go with the ones that receives the majority of the votes and you won’t go far wrong. De-alcoholize the drinks; offer a selection of soft drinks, fruit juices and mocktails. If it’s an absolute must to have alcoholic beverages, go with beer and wine which are relatively inexpensive. Alternatively, get people to bring in their own drinks that they would like to enjoy having at the party.

Entertainment for the party should not be too much of a hard-ball. Have a Christmas theme in place; you can even go as far as to choose something really silly for referral code for the evening and rest assured that everyone will go with the flow. Remember to include a couple of adult party games and use the platform as a team building opportunity.

Christmas is the season of giving. So get your attendees to play “Secret Santa” and bring in a token present at the party. Alternatively, tie-up with your local departmental store and give out gift coupons instead. You can additionally use the event management solution which has a special promo code engine; devise a special Christmas promotion and email the Promo Code to your all the employees in your office.